Best stage of clay to fix a crack

I believe that most of the time when we don’t have a good result, it is not because we didn’t use the right product or formula it is because the piece was in a different stage of dryness. Below are some simple ways to understand the stage of the clay when you make a piece.

Characteristic Stage of the clay
Sticky Plastic
wet, but not sticky Leather Hard Soft
feels cool and stiff Leather Hard Stiff
room temperature ready to fire Bone Dry/Green ware

The perfect stage of clay to fix a crack or join together is leather hard soft. To return from leather hard stiff  to leather hard soft you have to cover the piece with a wet paper towel then cover with plastic , then wait a least 1 day.


But you have to remember if your piece is bone dry/greenware it is not easy, it will be require a lot of patience to return your piece to earlier stages. Sometimes when I try to wet the piece and cover it with wet paper and plastic  for one day it is not enough,  I have noticed the surface is wet but not the internal part, especially if it is thick.  You have to repeat the process again until the piece is leather hard soft.


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