About the Artist


Serenity and movement are essential to my work. The flowing of Art Nouveau leaves a calm and peaceful feeling. When I work with human figures, the focus of my work is the connection, which is the reason that I love to work with the hands. Either figurative or abstract the faces are contemplative, like beholders and sometimes they don’t have a face. Everything is connected and has a purpose in life. I love clay because it can be used for sculpture as well as for pottery. My favorite technique is carving especially for sculpture and graphics as it is more lasting giving more character.


Isabel Hundley was born in Colombia and completed a degree in  Graphic Design at Taller Cinco Bogota, where her thesis was an illustration of the book, “The art of love” by Ovid. This is where she first met sculpture and oil painting to create her own pieces for the book. Discovering her enchantment with art, she took a human figure course at National University. Since then, she has worked as a freelance artist, exploring different areas. The first award she received was for an oil painting named “Recollect” at an event of “Groupe Seb” in Bogota Colombia. The Second award was received at The Morean Arts Center of St. Petersburg, The John Eckert Memorial Award for her ceramic piece, “Mementos of time”.  Her first exhibition was at The Morean Arts Center with a collection of works inspired by the festival of silleteros, an exhibition inspired by the festival of the flowers in Medellin Colombia.   She continues to participle at member exhibitions.

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